We Provide a Platform for Global Artist to get paid When fine art is created is is no difference than when a house is built. It has value and the equity in that property can grow. Our job is to manage the market, manage the product and manage the transactions to get the buyer the best product and artist the best return on their work.
Music - 90% of artist don't even expect to be paid for the work they do,and being paid well or fairly is even farther away. Indie Artist - Independent artist of all types spend their time chasing trends with the hope of one day getting compensated. Painters - Painters from all around the world try to garner the status of the Renaissance Masters even though their works are just as good. Artist Memorabilia - New Artist top the charts every week, they tour for decades and create fans every step of the way. They don't realize how to create valuable memorabilia or how to increase its value or where to sell it.