If you share an interest and / or appreciation for Fine arts, public sculpture, commercial and residential architecture, Music of every genre and cultural arts from all nations, we have the program that caters to your needs. The need for Global Creative Exchange has been obvious for years , but the solution provided by the services of the Global Creative Exchange is a recent offer. The Global Creative Exchange was founded in 2019 as a subsidiary of The Millennium Entertainment Group Inc. The Exchange became a way to do the one thing that the artist needed the most. Quite simply, a way to get paid. Of-course, artist of all types have been finding ways of compensation since the time of the pharaohs, but with the world population being what it is, a new form of commerce is now available. While the Forex and NASDAQ uses electronic Exchanges to handle thousands of stock trades per minute, we use the same types of systems to offer, track and blockchain record transactions for the creation of a global art registry. This registry is a one-of-a kind global register that tracks and records the actual owners and copyright holders of creative works. This system works to protect the copyrighted works of artist that use the exchange to transact art buys or other purchases of media. For the buyers we are providing that platform with appraised and non-appraised art, music and other published works with cleared copyrights and documented chains of custody. We also have collections of works perfect for commercials and Internet ads, film and television scores and much more. Media buys of all types are welcome and buyers are encouraged to submit request for specific types of pieces of art and specific genres of music. We recognize that real-estate provides families and business with a home and as long as there are families and businesses there will be a need for real-estate. Art is the same, every building and floor-plan starts with a architectural design , and every element from the style of drapes to the shape of the toilets are all designed by artist. The art that fills our daily lives in our homes and work places is in the lights, the floors and almost everything that we see and hear. There in no music with out it and no commerce that doesn't use it for marketing and branding of its products. Some people prefer a light touch and others prefer the full serving, but all will get some of it even if its only in the clothes they wear. Devrick LaGrone, CEO
Renaissance in Art and Entertainment Commerce The GCE provides a clearing house for the wholesale buying and selling of Fine Art, Sculpture, Music and Published Media. Providing for international sales of works that are rarely available from China, India, Africa, The United States, Russia and South America.