Harnessing a Global media market It is said that the phone is the new Television because in markets all around the world, both rich and poor, more and more people get their entertainment from and through their phones. Thousands of cable channels, Global network television, New digital OTT and satellite stations have created the need for more content than ever.

The content requirements are not limited to the Television viewing market or just to the US markets alone. There are currently over 2 billion videos on YouTube.com  and the other major economies are dying to catch up. This makes the potential media markets in India, Asia and Africa potentially worth billions of dollars. The other good news is that the western culture still leading in content production and viewers. This is quickly changing. Media producers from China and India are killing old box-office records and Africa has many nations within its borders that are now producing all of the major movie and music genres.


So, we stand in the gap for the producers as well as the broadcasters. Even record labels are slow to adjust to the global demand for quality music. So. week make that high quality music available to new markets and get our artist paid for their work.

Our interest in the buying and selling of musical properties extend to the purchase and assignment of music and Music collection copyrights, Music memorabilia, music for commercials, TV and Film soundtracks.

GCE wants to supply and to even buy in the high end art market, but more importantly, building markets that appreciate and value exceptional art created by talented artist.

The size of the film industry prohibits us from having a sizable impact on the industry, so our goals are to use our resources and the best in the industry to create meaningful for-profit film and television projects.




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