Renaissance in Art and Entertainment Commerce As a clearing house for the wholesale buying and selling of Fine Art, Sculpture, Music and Published Media. One of goals is to become a catalyst for the new independent artist to create greater and more excellent works for future generations.

The valuation of art is the most non-standardized pricing of almost any form of commerce. In the art and entertainment industry, the value placed on a piece of work is totally subjective to the taste of the viewer.


The Global Creative Exchange is the one of the first platforms open to international artist and musical talents and those with published works to secure payment for the works that they have created.


At the GCE we use several singular methods to place a value on both unpublished and previously published works. We also welcome the purchase and sell Fine Art and the highest levels from the international markets.



          Often the best way to thrive is to grow and to thrive is to leverage the

          unique experiences and perspectives of the market you serve. At The

         Global Creative Exchange, we believe our investment process benefits

            from our ability to relate to our customers which include the buyers,

                  sellers and investors in the exchange. We have achieved a new

                   level of access by aligning ourselves with  like-minded artisans

                     who truly know and value quality in the works being produced



                 These artisans come to us in all sizes and range from experts in

    the Fine arts to world class musicians, playwrights and producers, former

    museum curators and record label executives, all with the singular goal of

    creating a well focused targeted global community based on excellence

    in the arts.



17th Century  Chinese Deity  known as Guanyin  Estimated 200,000-300,000 USD